Prayers to Saint Brigid

Prayer before a meal on the eve of St. Brigid's feast day
Brigid, with all virtues clad
keep us free from all that's bad
as we sit before this food,
keep us safe and keep us good,
until next we sit before
other gifts from God's rich store

When tomorrow's sun's first ray
lights the dawn of Brigid's day,
may her help and helping love
draw God's blessing from above;
till at last, all tempests o'er
safe, we reach the blessed shore

Mary of Ireland
From all sin and all harm,
From all danger and woe,
Guard me, Mary of Ireland,
Wherevver I go.
O Brigid, be with me
Until the road's end:
O help me pass
Through that gate
As God's friend

Saint Brigid, Mary of Ireland
Ask for us all today
The courage to do God's bidding
Whatever the world may say
The grace to be strong and valient
The grace to be firm and true
The grace to be faithful always
To God, His Mother and you