1Irish Immigrants in February, 1847 sent $4,000 to the Great Hunger Committee in Dublin

2Fenian Circle #1, of Lawrence, MA, in 1866 consisting of 172 men, marched to Canada to join their fellow Fenian Brothers at the Battle of Ridgeway. This effort was repeated in 1870 during the second Fenian invasion of Canada.

3Irish Immigrants and citizens of Lawrence, MA organized financial collections, over a ten year period, for the "Skirmish Fund"

4Captain Timothy Deacy, a member of Division 8, given a hero's welcome on his return to Lawrence following his rescue during the "Manchester Martyrs"

5Leading Irish Nationalists, including Charles Stewart Parnell, Michael Davitt, and John Dillon visited Lawrence in the 1880's and spoke to large crowds of supporters.

6Doctor Douglas Hyde, President of the Gaelic League, visits Lawrence on a fund raising tour.

7Five thousand Irish Americans march with black arm bands upon learning of the death of Terrance MacSweeney, Lord Mayor of Cork City. This march was organized by Division 8, Lawrence AOH.

8Mass meetings held at Division 8's Hibernian Hall upon the word of the executions of the 1916 leaders.

9Eamonn de Valera visits Lawrence on two occasions in 1919 and 1921 raising money for the Irish Savings Bond drive. Irish Americans of Lawrence, MA contribute $25,000 to this drive.

10Gaelic School opened in Lawrence, MA with courses in history, literature, music and dancing.

11Division 8, Lawrence, MA has been in the forefront of the campaign for human rights from 1968 to the present in areas of prisoner relief., MacBride Fair Employment Principles, plastic bullets campaign, etc.

12In an interview with a member of the "old guard", National Clanna Gael and Republican leaders called Lawrence, MA the most Nationalistic city in the United States in 1878.
1854Jeremiah O'Donovan, author of "A Brief Account of Interviews with Fellow Countrymen", Lawrence, MA was mentioned in several episodes; published by New York Times 1854

1864First St. Patrick's Day Parade held in City of Lawrence

1866Fenian Brotherhood holds first meeting in Lawrence City Hall, Senator Morrison. Fenian of Missouri, featured speaker

1867Captain Timothy Dacey of  Manchester Martyr fame" rescued from prison in England  (later to become a member of Division 8, Lawrence)

1880 Charles Stewart Parnell, Ireland's greatest and gifted statesman visits Lawrence

1886Michael Davitt, the man who organized the Irish Defense of their homesteads during the land war in 1879 visits Lawrence

1888Division 8, AOH Hibernian Home built at the corner of White & Oak Streets

1902Dillon and Davitt received by Father Reilly

1903Father O'Reilly appointed to the National Executive Committee of the United Irish League

1904Division 8, AOH, Ladies Division formed, Katherine O'Keefe O'Mohony elected first president

1916The John McBride branch, Friends of Irish Freedom organized in Lawrence. Mr. McBride served in the Boer War in 1899 when members of the Irish Societies left Lawrence to serve in the Irish brigade of the Boer Army.

1919Prsident Eamonn de Valera visits Larence to raise funds for the Irish Savings Bond Drive. $50,000 purchased by Lawrence Irish. "Lawrence, first American City to recognize the New Republic of Ireland" in resolution passed by the City Council.

1924Gaelic School formed by Division 8 Hibernian Hall

1951Senator John F. Kennedy guest speaker at annual Communion Breakfast, a brother Hibernian from Division 14 in Watertown.  He was the only Hibernian to become President of the US

1969Division 8 membership drive and organization

1981New Hibernian Hall dedicated