Rev. James T. O'Reilly Division 8 LAOH
The following was taken from the 1994 Dinner Dance Program Book - all dates are referenced to 1994
The Rev. James T. O'Reilly Division 8, LAOH was organized in May 1904 when 32 ladies gathered in the old Hibernian Hall at 280 Oak Street, Lawrence, MA. The choose as their first President, Katherine O'Keefe O'Mahoney.

Over the past 90 years the Ladies of Division 8 LAOH have stood united in many endeavors that have helped the church, our country and our ancestral homeland, Ireland. Their charity has known no bounds, and the members are proud of the way sizeable contributions they have made to every worthwhile drive held to our city, state and country.

During this time the ladies and men Hibernians have worked together in a true spirit of cooperation on many projects. One of the most recent undertakings, the formation of the Hibernian Home on Appleton Street, the only AOH - LAOH jointly owned Hibernian Building Corporation in the country, is just one example of what can take place when people work together in the true spirit of Hibernianism for the benefit of all.

From the first President, Katherine O'Keefe O'Mahoney, to the present President Mary Beth Foley, Division 8 LAOH has been most fortunate in having as leaders, women who have devoted their time and efforts to promote Hibernianism and its' principles.

The talents of these fine women has not gone unnoticed by their sistor Hibernians. Many members of Division 8 have served on the National, State or Essex County Boards. A list of some of these fine and outstanding women is noted here.

Margaret M. Webb served in a number of positions on the National Board and was elected National president in 1976 in Newport, Rhode Island.

Katherine O'Keefe O'Mahoney. Margaret M. Webb, Rose Conroy, Helen Mullane and Mary Ellen Pelletier have served in various offices on the Massachusetts State Board LAOH.

Past Essex County Presidents of theLAOH from Division 8 include: Catherine Carr Foley, Katherine A. Fitzpatrick, Elizabeth A. Murphy, Mary O'Neill, Helen Mullane, Mary Nyhan and Mary Ellen Pelletier.

As the Ladies of Division 8 LAOH embark on the final decade of their first 100 years, we know that with God's help, Mary's guidance and the blessings of Saint Patrick and Saint Brigid that their future is truly bright. The men of Division 8 AOH stand ever ready to assist the LAOH as they have stood by them for many years.

On behalf of the Officers and members of the Rev. James T. O'Reilly Division 8 AOH, we wish the Officers and Members of the Rev. James T. O'Reilly Division 8 LAOH sincere Congratulations and Best Wishes on the occasion of the 90th Anniversary of their founding.